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Genlabs is a genealogy service, located in Switzerland, designed to meet a broad range of research and analytical needs. We provide services for hobby genealogists as well as professional researchers. If you are not familiar with our services and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you!

Member: Association of Professional Genealogists

Actual Archive in SwitzerlandWe can look up and scan older records for you at selected Swiss archives. We provide forensic DNA services like heir search and DNA testing. We have fluency in English, High German and Swiss German and written French. Translations available.

You can reach us at: info@genlabs.ch We are looking forward to hearing from you.



Peter Boros: Michelle, I am glad you helped me find my aunt over in New York. She is one of my very few living relative and I haven't met her ever in my life. And you found her in just about an hour of research. Amazing! She and I are in touch regularly now so you have really helped extending my family through genealogical help.

MaryLou Hinchey Clemons: Michelle there are a lot of Clemons family who will be thrilled to learn all the family connections that you have found. Some are planning to gather with the Texas branch[s] in October. Thank you so much.